About ETA

Our History

Since 2007 ETA for Engineering, Trading & Agency, have succeeded in penetrating oil and gas in the Egyptian market, and successfully represented their business partners in all phases and closed over 200 projects with great relations with end users.


Our mission is to successfully perform in all our future projects while maintaining our commitment to our values and priorities. We care about the What and How.

The priorities governing our projects consist of safety, performance, reliability, durability, profitability. Our values are mutual trust, flexibility, adaptability, and consistency.


To play an optimized role within our scope of work in the energy industry.
We understand the global importance of energy and we believe optimization at all levels is the key to ensure a better future. We value the importance of all types of resources and utilizing our resources every day to its optimum capability is our goal. To achieve integrally more global energy management; deferentially every company working in energy industry has to be a role model of optimization, in resources management and energy consumption. Thus within our role, we focus and enhance our performance to the max. With two axis firstly by following the state of the art of the industry and accommodating it after proving its reliability.

Secondly the state of the art in project management that saves resources of all types. The energy optimum usage globally has to be led by the energy industry